May 20, 2010

Thoth is correct. This is virtual war. It's amazing, this morning they've blocked youtube and - on some ISPs - wikipedia. Flickr too. I can't access Wordpress (Deepak's blog is currently being denied). I suspect blogging (i.e. blogspot) is most definitely going to go very, very soon. It seems the government has also been smart and blocked all the proxies they could get their hands on. Undoubtedly our hacker friends are working on creating more, but I'm sure they'll keep at it until they find them and block them. Hackers, my loves, exist within government offices also unfortunately.

What worries me though is how out of control this is going to get. As always in their collective wisdom the government seems to have forgotten that they were responding to 20 (or-so) protesters who gathered outside the Lahore High court yesterday. Given the protests, LHC banned the website for some days (either 3 days or till May 31st. The exact details are as yet unclear to me). Once this happened, however people poured in to protest AGAINST the ban and responded by coming up with new and exciting ways to by-pass it. The government - unused to dealing with rebellious sheep - decided that this war is now personal. Now it's a quest to ENSURE that no one defies the regulations imposed by the PTC and dares to use websites not approved. On the other side, it's a stubborn insistence to log on to facebook NO-MATTER-WHAT and by doing so show the virtual finger to our governing authorities.

Now here's the rub: The government can ban (for the interim) whatever they want. Eventually people will find a way around it (they always do). But until they do I suspect this is warfare going to be a bloody nuisance of the highest order. Sigh.


kay-T said...

pagal, khotay kahin k! *fuming*

Ubaid said...

wordpress mayri ip per block ho gaya hai :(

and what if they close blog spot?? PHIR MAI KYA KEROUN GA!!!

and yes this is war!

Desert Mystery said...

This is so beyond retarded. The bright minds at PTA have struck again. A major telephone carrier was served with contempt of court and now they have completely disabled EDGE/GPRS mobile internet access across the country. This means all the people with blackberries are stuck with useless device.

Thank you again PTA and LHC for overeacting and causing further inconvenience to the people you are supposed to serve.

Anonymous said...

xeb, do you want to share any final words of wisdom before we're switched off?

oh well, no-one read my blog anyway :-)

back to the caves methinks...

Deepak Iyer said...

This is outrageous! My blog is banned?? I will protest this ban till the last drop of blood in my body!

Alternatively, could you use Google Reader? My blog will show up fine there. And it'll save me a protest.

Anonymous said...

After so many "failed" episodes of trying to ban a specific site and ending up banning the whole country's internet access, PTA should've learned how to do what they're supposed to do. Guess PTA does not believe in learning their lessons.

FYI: is also blocked. Now we'll need to find an "" :-/