May 4, 2010

So kids, can someone tell me what-oh-what has happened to Grays Anatomy? Why can't I get my hands on episode 20 of this season? (or is the season over and we're waiting for the next one?) Also, what happened to True Blood? I'm sick of teasers. When is the real deal making an appearance? I'm tired of having nothing to watch. Perhaps I should switch my allegiances to another show? Suggestions, anyone?

Ps: Please don't throw 'Glee' towards me. I find the show somewhat annoying.

Pps: I've heard there are some watch-worthy Pakistani dramas on the horizon. Recommendations?


Deepak Iyer said...

When in doubt .. Google [:P]

younameit said...


no. dorahas good. vasl. shaali is a telefilm. hmmm. im hearing meri zaat zarrae benishan is great but i havent watched it. basically hum tv has really awesome dramas and every sunday at 9 or so they show a considerably watch worthy telefilm.

Alpha Za said...

hmm, here are some shows that I love

How I met your Mother
Drop Dead Diva (sad, but I find it hilarious)
Boston Legal
Two and a Half Men

ordered-chaos said...

you still havent watched it *gas* got my fix yesterday thouh dreamy is starting to resemble a nightmare now :(

ps: how I met your mother isnt bad but neither is it grey's!

kay-tee said...

worth watching plays by Mehreen Jabbar:
-Malal (knowing u thru this blog, i think this one's a must watch for u)
-Vasl (currently being aired so u can only find about 10/11 episodes on youtube abhi)

The other two are completely watchable thru youtube :)

Anonymous said...

The Vampire Diaries - name says it all, its a pretty cool show, ALOT better than the whole Twilight series, which frankly speaking i couldnt stand

Dexter - forensic cop slash serial killer...need i say more?

House - medical drama with lots of sarcasm, funny as hell, u'll love House soon enough!

Supernatural - hot guys hunt demons ;)

Melrose Place - just started watching it, and its gooooood and highly addictive

jammie said...

i was going to suggest malal and doraha but my sister got to you before me :)

i actually enjoy pakistani dramas a LOT-

M. said...

Roshni said...

I wanna' know this too.. bloody crucira was my only source and apparently it asks you to pay to watch the episode now.
Glee sucks.

Apparently in urdu dramas...Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan got pretty popular...I ahvent watched it myself but the novel was super good so maybe its worth a shot?

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Here enjoy....

And if u like True blood.. U will like dexter....