May 30, 2010

A protest is being organized against the Ahmadi shoot-out on Tuesday (June 01), 6:00pm, in front of Mr. Books in F-6, Islamabad.

Meet me there?

Ps: For my Lahori readers, there's a vigil being held today (Monday), at 7:00pm at the Liberty Roundabout. I wish I could be there, but those of you who think (as I do) that such things matter, should definitely go. 


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

wat are the timings?

Anonymous said...

be careful!

Eeda said... how is it that the Israel-Gaza flotilla catastrophe has evaded attention on ur blog..i find it a little unbelievable... :)

Xeb said...

With all due respect to Palestinians and their sad plight, I truly believe that Pakistanis ought to spend more time looking inward at our own issues instead of rallying around causes not-our-own. What generally tends to happen is that we forget how badly we're treating religious minorities within the Islamic Republic and valiantly run around trying to champion someone else's cause (turn on the television, and you'll see what I mean). Truth is, I don't see a single Palestinian/Turkish/Iraqi/Afghani/ other concerned country coming around to pledge solidarity with Pakistan in our time of need.

Look inward first, my friend, fix our own problems, then run around trying to save the world.

Or that's my stance anyway.