May 19, 2010

Make up your mind: either you love us, or you hate us. Some days it it seems like you love to hate us, on others it seems that even though you hate-to-love-us, you somehow can't seem to help yourself. Point is, decide already. These vacillating stances are somewhat nausea inducing.

Some time ago I came across a definition of fetish that I liked. A fetish, is equal parts repulsion and equal parts fascination. That said, the world seems to have quite a fetish for Muslims these days. Almost every other day a splashy news story tells all about the exploits of the quintessential 'Mozlem'. On some days we're trying to blow up Times Square, on others we're starting catfights in France. Our descendants go on to become le' Presidente (once a Mozlem always a Mozlem, Obama can't shake his heritage okay) and our other contemporaries issue multiple death-to-America declarations from hidden enclaves in the Middle East.

Oh, and guess what? A Mozlem girl from Lebanon was crowned Miss USofA. And she's pretty and all that, but all the newspapers go on to report that she's Muslim, she looks pretty-damn-hot in a bikini, and she's Muslim, she did a pole dance for extra points during the contest, and she's Muslim. I truly wonder if the sensationalism attached to her being a *gasp* Mozlem won her the crown as much as her looks or her ability to give a lap (I mean pole) dance.

Oh well this was yesterday. Another day, another drama. Let's see what them Mozlems are up to today, shall we?


Mars said...

well said.

Saif said...

Hmmm, its hard to say. For one, I don't think it is fair to judge a nation (any nation) by the media that they put out. More often than not, that is what happens.
People who espouse about Faisal Shehzad are concerned about stuff different from the lebanese Miss USA. There is some cross pollination, sure, but for the most part, I believe that is true.
Add to that human nature, and it ends up a fairly confusing picture. Human nature being to hear what we want to hear.
America has always been confused about one particular group or the other. Lee Iaoccoca was ridiculed in grade school for bringing pizza for lunch. It boggles the mind.
Hank Aaron received death threats for equalling Babe Ruth's home run record. Hank is black, the Babe wasn't.
The list goes on, but my point is that not everyone American considers Muslims the same way, despite what the media might say.
I say fuck the media, and do what my friend Donald says, stick a fork in 'em and turn 'em when they're done.