May 19, 2010

Don't look now, but we've done it again. Today's story of Pakistani idiocy (as reported by Samaa TV) is as follows:
Pak court bans Facebook
Upadated on: 19 May 10 11:42 AM
Staff Report

LAHORE: Lahore High Court has imposed the ban on the famous social networking site, facebook, SAMAA reported Wednesday.

The court has directed that the site would be banned temporarily till May 31.

The court has directed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to ban the site till May 31. The PTA has to reply the court in writing.

The Foreign Secretary has also been directed to protest on international forums.

Islamic Lawyers Forum filed the petition imposing the ban on the site in the country.

The Director PTA Muddasir Hasan briefed the court that the internet facility could be disconnected due to imposing the ban on facebook.

Good morning, welcome to the life and times of Islamic Republic. Insider sources tell me this had something to do with blasphemous cartoons. Whatever their reason, it was a stupid (and hugely impractical) move. Truth be told, we leave no stone unturned in the quest to make asses of ourselves. Do we? *sigh*


Alpha Za said...

I'm assuming the Lahore High Court was peeved off at the low number of 'bookface' friends they have.

Xeb said...


But our only issue is, would a life without facebook still be worth living?!

kay-tee said...

fucktards, they are!

Anonymous said...

facebook banned? :\ what will happen to all those facebook addicts... is there a rehab for them???

Xeb said...

kt: undoubtedly.

Anon: It seems to me that there should be... I've been battling the in internet (PTCL) all morning. Seems like facebook is down. Or it may really be banned. Which would be amazingly speedy for anything government declared and somewhat tragic because I haven't said bye-bye to my profile just yet. :S

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon xeb...if u can get over saad, u can most certainly get over this.

Bakatron said...

well getting over saad is easy. it's like replacing a bad,stale, wikipedia quoting kfc chicken wing with an encyclopedia britanica referencing mcnuggets.

Anonymous said...

Din you know? We take pride in our ad-hocism!

Looks like this world is over-producing idiots/moron (e.g. the cartoon guys and the people banning the Facebook).