April 2, 2010

There are days, like today, when I drive through Islamabad on my way to work and feel like I’ve stepped into the pages of a picture-book. The city is almost indescribably beautiful today. I drive up and down smoothly undulating roads with tree-lined mountains (‘hills’, my friends from up north refer to them, but for this girl-from-Karachi they’re mountainous enough) on my left and riots of flowers on my right while masses of blue-grey clouds hang low on the horizon up ahead. The air smells of rain, and as I speed along (keeping an eye-out for over-efficient cops) me-really-thinks I could get used to living here.

Until the next transition at any rate.



uglyduckling91 said...


Xeb said...


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Yea that day was nice..

Roshni said...

Lekin Lekin....Isloo is boring =0

Xeb said...

LPS: It was :)

R: Haha, it is and it isn't. This place (as any other) can be incredibly happening if you know the right people. I can't say that I do (know the right people) as yet, but I'm getting there! :P