April 24, 2010

Tell me, what-oh-what are they trying to prove by announcing an 'Everybody Draw Mohammad Day'?'



littlemissjuicy said...

So when they do stuff to hurt and ignite thousands of Muslims around the world, then it's okay?
Kuttiye keh aulad.

Alpha Za said...

It's just the fringe crazies that want to feel important.

Relax, and don't bother publicizing this rat poop.

The more attention it gets, the more it matters. Right now it matters, zilch. Lets do our part and keep it that way.

Or we can be total assholes and announce

1. 'Molest Children Day' sponsored by Catholic Church.

2. 'Put People on a Crucifix Day' sponsored by your friendly local synagogue.

3. 'Meditate by getting completely stoned and willing yourself away fromt he munchies day' sponsored by Buddhist Monasteries everywhere

4. 'Make your own Idol Day' sponsored by fun loving hindus everywhere

5. 'Just because we don't believe in God doesn't mean we lack faith day' by your friendly agnostic/atheists

Anonymous said...

How about just boycotting something you find offensive, or criticizing it like adults rather than issuing death threats? You can't expect people to call Islam a religion of peace if that peace is conditional on all non-believers forcibly living by its diktats under threat of violence...

That's how you breed intolerance among your critics, not understanding...

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon April 24, 4:23am. A voice of reason.

(I really need to figure out my pw to my google acct.)

Desert Mystery said...

Whats ironic is that if this was converted to "Everybody mock the Holocaust" contest, all of a sudden "freedom of speech" wouldn't apply anymore in most of mainland Europe.

Or if this was converted to "draw a stereotypical cartoon of a racial minority (not withstanding Arabs and Muslims in general)" it would cause major ruckus in North America.

But stuff like this...all of a sudden its about freedom of speech and all the bullshit you can ever imagine.

NX said...

Thought you might like this little update - http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2010/04/creators-of-everybody-draw-muhammad-day-abandon-effort-after-it-becomes-controversial.html

P.S - The guy with the Buddy Christ smile is an idiot, he thinks Scorsese directed "The Godfather", I want to bitch slap him into the know!

Xeb said...

N: Thanks for the info. What's surprising is that those two idiots thought they could get away with it without public outcry. Anyhow, good that its over without further ado.

Ps: Californication? Seriously? :P