April 24, 2010

So, Spock and I watched a chick-flick gone wrong tonight. It was called 'Pyar Impossible' and it chronicled all about how difficult it was for froggy to love the princess. Or for our princess to love the froggy. Until princess realized that froggy loved her (had always loved her, will always love her) and thought: who gives a shit about looks in the face of utter devotion and demonstrated good taste? So what if he looks a bit like a monkey? Her superior genes would (she was sure) overshadow his general frogginess (or is it monkey-ness?). Plus at-home IT solutions are never a bad thing. Point being, Princess discovered froggy had his uses and true-love was born.

And that, darlings, is what it's all about, argue I. Spock disagrees. She says that Princess was an idiot.

I say, if Spock was princess, she would have gone for froggy too! *hah* says she, and shows me proof that froggy came, froggy wrote but froggy did NOT conquer.

Some princesses, says Spock, are made of sterner stuff.


Deepak Iyer said...

You saw Pyaar Impossible ??
That just made my day !! I couldn't even read the rest of it.

Xeb said...

Haha, read the rest. :P

noone said...

I am speechless
who is this guy
does he even know you...lol

froggy is a lost nut case

Deepak Iyer said...

Alright, I read it.
This Froggy was an idiot, but not all Froggies are. Depending on where they lie on the idiocy line, either you are right or your friend is.

So the correct answer is Depends.

P.S. : Since you saw PI, I'll assume that you are into guilty pleasure movies. I recommend Veer and Prince.