April 27, 2010

So ducks, there's another political party on the horizon. And they 'seem' to be talking sense. From what I've seen (which is limited to fairly superficial browsing through their website) there appears to be no peacock-y posturing, no screaming like a banshee-on-heat, no finger-pointing (beyond the inevitable) at all the evil-bastards that came before. Truth be told, this political party is fairly anti-climatic compared to our other gems.

Like most Pakistanis, I'm ashamed to admit that I've been too caught up in the day-to-day business of living to bother with unimportant things like our country's political future. That said, the contents of this website (particularly the party's covenant) feature on my reading list over the next few days.

If anyone else is up for debating the pros (and cons) of this particular party formation, look me up at the end of the week :)


Deepak Iyer said...

Sorry. That's an error [:)]

Xeb said...

For shame Mr. Iyer. Let me finish editing before you jump in with critiques! :P

Deepak Iyer said...

You hit publish -- it's no longer in the editing phase [:)].

I know of atleast 10-12 political parties in India similar in ideology and agenda.
They have nice websites.

Ali said...

Where in Isloo??:P

Xeb said...

D: I have a habit of editing long after I hit publish. Advantages of being a blogger, not a writer! :P

And I hear you about the nice website bit, but truth be told I think this is the ONLY Pakistani party with a website (which is something I shall have to look up before I assert). Point being: Thinking people, in politics. I'm not convinced they'll have a future, but I'm not convinced that they shouldn't.

A: Why not! :P Look me up if you're in the neighborhood.

Deepak Iyer said...

X : Everyone edits after publishing; you're just slow.

(I might be taking it offline, at the cost of comments at your blog [:P]. This isn't the best format for discussion, I'm afraid)

Thoth said...

Dude they spell 'Mustaqbil' as 'Mustaqbal'.
That is almost equal to spelling future as feature or futare.

And you would agree these little things are total deal breakers. So i am out.
Anyway, how you've been.

Anonymous said...

thoth, punjabis pronounce mustaqbil and mustaqbal.

Thoth said...

Love, being a Punjabi,i beg to differ.

Xeb said...

Kids, you're not going to initiate an argument based on the anglicized spelling of a desi word, are you?

And T: yes, these little things really do make all the difference! :P

Ali said...

:) I was there in isloo for the weekend ^^ But, due to lack of internet or any thing tech - related for that matter, i couldn't even get in touch with friends.

Oh and it also doesn't helps when you get mugged when leaving the airport, due to sania-shoaib fiasco!!!