April 17, 2010

Islamabad, ably illustrates why people should make it a point to live in large cosmopolitan cities. It's strange how everyone here knows everyone else. It's stranger still how everyone here dislikes everyone else. Islamabadi natives seem to know everything about each other's lives by virtue of inhabiting the same play-pen once-upon-a-time, and perhaps it's inevitable that if you know someone long enough you will end up detesting them, however it is definitely very inconvenient.

One my (many) failings in life is that I don't like having only one 'group' of friends. I enjoy multiplicity. I also enjoy knowing that I always have something to do, because if someone is busy chances are someone else is not. I find associating with the same persons every day (or night) is boring-as-hell and also somewhat suffocating. Point being: I like variety. I also like doing a lot of random things which are only fun when done with people with similar interests. So I will watch movies with the movie watchers, and dance with the dancers and shop with the shopaholics. I don't expect them to be the same person, and chances are I'd probably prefer it if they were not.

And here's where Islamabad has me stumped. With the exception of the 'few' friends I do have in this city, I'm finding it ridiculously hard to find people who will agree to let me 'hang' with them on a not-exclusive basis. What seems to happen is that if a 'clique' condescends to accept me as one of 'their' many, I may not associate with people they disapprove of. Because, since they have known each other all their lives - and this city is nothing if not somewhat incestuous - chances is that one of them have slept with someone else's significant other thereby leading to bad blood. Or someone was once best friends with someone else but due to 'irreconcilable differences' (and horrendously complicated stories) they no longer associate with each other. And I need to 'choose' between the two, because no one is going to behave themselves, be adult about it, and just go out to dinner together like grown ups.

There are moments when life in this city really does seem like an excerpt from a cheesy American high-school-movie. And I just want to bang my head against the wall and demand my goddamn-money-back! :S

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Marina said...

HAHAHA. Xeb you are TOO damn good. Caught Islamabad perfectly =D <3