April 20, 2010


I think love is allergic to me.

Thought you should know that too.


Alpha Za said...


My sympathies.

If it makes you feel better statistically there are lots of married people who feel the same way.

After all, there is a substantial difference between hormones and love.

Good luck in overcoming your allergies. Apparently copious amounts of Tequila can provide temporary respite....though medically speaking you might be sacrificing your liver & heart in the process

Xeb said...

Haha, marriage has nothing to do with love (or so wise men say).

That said, tequila sounds like a plausible option! :P

Anonymous said...

if not tequila then certainly the 'Tila Tequila way' may be the answer to your life's quandaries.

Anonymous said...

Love does not exist. Therefore, u're not allergic.

Alpha Za said...

Wise men are usually very dead men...who may never truly have explored the potency of a good bottle of poison, I mean tequila...or a good margherita for that matter.

What do wise women say? Or are all wise women simply silent ;)

I recommend carrying a metal flask; it has great utility as a weapon....and no one will blame you because it's a side effect of the medication!

Anonymous said...

Is this the case as described by "Jeehale muskin main kun baranjis Behaal hijra bechaara dil hai" or is it because you have been ignoring "Aadha Naan's" so long throughout your life that you might have missed a "Poora Naan" along the way?
-- Thus questioned Anon

Americanising Desi said...

i think we need to find anti allergy cuz i hate the itch!