April 20, 2010

how r u doing?
Zainub i just come a cross find ot ur profile..u don't know me..nd i don't knw u.to b very honest it just ur pic click.nd i thought y v can get to know rah other.v have option "remove" if u don't like me.or u think i m a bed person u'll remove ok tc ba bye

Dear Adnan,

I don't think you're a 'bed' person. But I think I'm going to utilize the 'remove' option anyway.
ok tc ba bye.


Ps: Bad grammar is the single, most effective turn-off.

Pps: 'Bed' grammar on the other hand... :P


p said...


Anonymous said...

'Z' not 'X'! the kid ain't gonna get very far unless he pays at least enough attention to get the name of the person he's addressing correct!:-)

and good grammar?

Xeb said...

p: :)

Anon: Truth be told, that's not his fault. I reverted back to the 'Z'. It's a long, sad, depressing story. but he still got the spelling wrong at any rate, there's no 'u' in my name! :P

Alpha Za said...

haha, at least he was kind enough to elucidate your options.

I think it might have worked if Xeb had less command over English grammar than he did.

After all, it's a big weird world, he may find the ideal fraanship this way.

This is the letter I think he could have tried

Dearest Dolly Xeb,

You know me not well at all, but you is amazing ya. You profil pic make me happier to connect. I is even really am enjoying your words and ideas, it fills me with happiness to be your friend4LIFE. I wish to tweet you, wall you and comment you if you like me to...please say yes that you will let me. I just wanting to now the real you so you can now me.

Adnan 4 Ever Your Friend

Well, thats highly unlikely to work, but I think it would improve his odds monumentally in comparison.

Xeb said...

Dear Alpha,

You've written many letters along the same vein I take it? :P

Out of curiosity, have you had much luck with finding friends4eva this way?

Just wondering,


Alpha Za said...

haha, touche, none actually; I guess you are now technically my 'first'.

It's just a by product of a wicked imagination. It is somewhat worrying that I seem to come across as authentic ;)

Anonymous said...

that is very sad, xeb, since the 'x' was, as far as i can tell, a symbol of your uniqueness.


take care,

Xeb said...

Alpha: :)

Anon: Losing a 'symbol' does not imply loss of uniqueness (assuming one is unique to begin with). That said, it was a difficult decision, but it had to be made. Atleast 'Xeb' still remains just that, so I be thanking the deity for small blessings! :P

Anonymous said...

yes, of course ur right,xeb..it doesn't imply (or necessarily mean) that, but it can still be important nevertheless, no? for example, there are people who call lawrence gardens jinnah gardens. i think that's wrong. and people who say allah hafiz instead of khuda hafiz..well, don't get me started ! :-)

everyone's unique 'to begin with'. the structures of dominance create and re-inforce conformity.

Adnan said...

Not only you are a bed person, you are mean as well. I am heart-broken. :(