April 22, 2010


Who are we to argue with ancient legends?
I say go-for-it! :P


Roshni said...


Maryam said...

Lawl, indeed - I agree =D

Anonymous said...

esp the aichky breaky kid. feed her to the Gods.. sorry foe being anon, forgot the stinking pw for my google account. why did you revert back to z? I sort of liked x. hope you find your bean counter soon.

Xeb said...

'Xeb' remains 'X'eb.

Unfortunately, professional image demands consistency in the other life :P

Ally said...

Make it Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothers, and all those Disney whores =P and then go-for-it!!
It'd be a kind thing to do, to rid the planet of such things that are a mere waste of human cells =p

MagicalMe said...

I second what Ally said. =P
Go for it! :p