March 24, 2010

So the government jacked up petrol prices yet again (as-if-you-didn't-know-that) and as a result everything just got more expensive (yet again). As a result of which the transport chappies hiked up the price of a wagon (small vans that ferry people through Pindi/Islamabad). This didn't sit too well with a bunch of students who protested in Barakaho last week. Things went out of hand, one of them was shot (he's fine now) and our illustrious Prime Minister woke up and took notice. Prices were ordered down again. And the country's intelligentsia smiled in approval and looked at this with an indulgent smile ready to assume that this was a belated (but obvious) indictment that democracy doth worketh.

Except yesterday one of the guys who works in my team tells me that he's been spending massive amounts every day coming to work in a cab since the day of the protests. Apparently transporters did not take the price reduction lying down, they went on a strike. And since no one is dead yet and there are no glorified protests I suppose its justified that no one really cares what these guys think. And let's face it, only the proletarian masses use public transport anyway.

"They can't find a bus to ride? Let them buy a Merc!" we declare, and move on until our reverie is interrupted by the next bloody affair.


Kya hoga is mulk ka?

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Desert Mystery said...

Most people forget that the current regime came into power to enjoy, to have fun, to make money...Have you seen how happy our esteemed FM Mr.Qureshi was in good ol' USA lately...could have sworn he represented some rich Gulf Kingdom as opposed to a banana republic.

Deliverance of any sort for the masses will continue to remain as elusive as the end of load-shedding our esteemed minister of water and power keeps talking about.

C'est la vie!