March 11, 2010

If you're a grammar nazi (which I occasionally am) this blog will drive you "nuts" :P

(thank you Thoth for making the link.)

Whereas this, will leave you laughing (or atleast mildy chuckling) all night!

And (since it seems to be a night for semantics) we'll move on from angraizi to more-desi and put this little gem on today's must-read-list-a-la-Xeb :)


Thoth said...

Reference not quoted ma'am.

Anyway this will always keep you amused for a while.

Xeb said...

Noted. And thank you! :)

Thoth said...

No no love. I don't want unwanted attention. Thanks too.
Secondly, Kapadia is a gujrati-ization of Kapas (Cotton) merchant.
Found out recently. Case you didn't know.

Xeb said...

I know, I know. But it occurs to me, you clearly know who I am. But err, who are you?

(also, how do you know who I am? Where is my full name mentioned? This could be dangerous, I do use this blog as client-bashing site very-very often)

Thoth said...

Nah, you don't know me neither do i know you. But i figure things out. We do have a mutual friend. Besides worldwideweb is a small place. Hint facebook. ;)
Client bashing ROFLMAO. I wish.

Xeb said...

Sigh. Why is everyone but me so good at internet-spying? I still haven't figured out who annoying-anon is! :P

Thoth said...

That's not me.
How about turning off anonymous commenting, if it bothers you.
Or next time dude shows up, i'll launch a verbal assault. But i don't like verbal assault. Not my thang.

veda said...

another entertaining collection: