March 22, 2010

I have a new ambition.

I'm going to invest in a really good shotgun.

Then I'm going to sneak out of the office and hide behind the rocks next to my office parking lot until my awfully-stupid client walks out of the office.

At which point I shall demonstrate to anyone who cares to learn what an effective head shot looks like.

Real life counterstrike, anyone?



uglyduckling91 said...

What did the client do? o:

Thoth said...

You play counterstrike?
You're hot no more, if yes!

Xeb said...

ug: Lets just say we're having a competition around the office these days on whose client is most annoying. I think I won hands-down today! :P

T: I hate counterstrike! :P Mostly because on the infrequent occasions when I used to play (long, long ago once-upon-a-LUMS-hood), I was the resident camper because there was no other way I'd make it through more than five minutes of the game without being brutalized! :P Age on the Empire on the other hand I was totally addicted to! :D

Xeb said...

Err, I mean 'Age of Empires' :P

Xeb said...

Ps: Hot-no-more huh? What a pity!

Anonymous said...

why not a blow him/her up and then you can blame the taleban/amrika/al-q/israel/hindus/annoying anon...etc., etc.

Ali said...

You realize that shotguns are no good at long range? If you want a nice heandshot, go for a rifle.

But keeping in mind your relationship with the client, shotgun to the guy at point blank sounds appropriate :P

Syed Noor said...


Thoth said...

We get it Syed Noor, no need to post twice to assure everyone of your awesome humor.

Xeb: Au contraire, Age of Empires or Age on Empires, not gonna help it either :P
Good lord. And secondly respect the customer. For yours truly smiles bellyfull today only because of them.

Roshni said...

sounds like a plan =p

Jen said...

Xebbie as I am now from a peaceful, democratic nation - or so the media tell me - violence is not to be condoned. If state sponsored however, it is because patriots are defending the motherland - or so the media tells me. Therefore Xebbie - since you are not defending the freedom of a democratic nation, and you are not state sponsored either.... my brilliant logic leaves me to conclude that you shooting client be not a good option. Rendition however is a good option these days - or so the media tells me.

Happy dreaming ;)

Xeb said...

Anon: Good point! :P

A: Shotguns - though messy - may just have been extremely satisfying at that point. It would have been like *boom*

SN: Err, okay then.

Thoth: I will respect the customer some other day. Today I will detest them much-ly. Thank you very much! :P

R: Na? ;)

Jen: *shush* Maybe the your terrorists will appreciate your brilliance! Us Pakistanis have difficulty following such convoluted logic! :P

Anonymous said...

@Thoth, 2 zanatay dar chapairs for you for insulting syed noor. please apologize asap.