March 8, 2010

I am sick and tired of urgent meetings.

And annoying clients.

I know, (don't we all) that you have access to money. I sincerely wish you had access to some intelligence along with it. Because then I wouldn't have to battle so goddamn hard to make you understand something so-fucking-fundamental that a child of two would have no trouble following it. Provided he wasn't retarded. Or dropped on the head when born (as I am beginning to suspect you might have been).

I'm also beginning to suspect that this goddamn Monday will never-ever-ever end! *argh*


Saad said...

Dear X,

Fuck you, too!


Xeb said...

Dear Monday,

You win. Now stop gloating.

I hate you,

S said...

Hmm... Fearlessly calling clients retarded on your personal blog, and including a time-stamp just so prospective people-who-wanna-f**k-xeb's-happiness can single out who said client is...

Who doth knowest Mondays could cloud thy judgement so...

Xeb said...

S: I know I'm tempting fate, but I'm sincerely hoping blog will remain in its nebulous semi-anonymous position and clients will have other things to do (such as coming up with new and innovative ways to torture their hired minions) than to read my blog.

For once, I assume I am not the center of the world. I'm reaching, I know. But here's hoping for the best! :P

Ps: Tuesday sucks too! :P

Khizzy said...

its honestly a bad time to be in a service industry. whatever it may be.
I, being in advertising, have many head/desk moments where i silently listen to my clients 'teaching' me how to make files in a particular format.

the recession has made clients more powerful. they know everyone's on the prowl for clients with money, so the ones that have it hold the reigns.

its been a while since i had an opinion on a campaign. clients dont want to know our opinions... regardless of the fact that it was US who spent four years studying to back them up.

damn you. you made me rant.

Xeb said...

Haha, ranting is good for the soul Khizzy! :P