March 9, 2010

Given that my last rant was all about my-wonderful-clients, it's somewhat ironic (and super-cool) that that Hugh over at Gaping Void sent me this today.

I still hate my clients, but in recognition of all the goodies I can buy with the money they pay me (or my company, but you get the point) I think I'm graciously willing to forgive them their idiocy. After all, as someone very wise once told me, if they could actually do the work themselves why would they want to hire you for it? But if only, like Socrates, they were wise enough to 'know' that they don't-fucking-know then my life would be marginally less miserable (and considerably less frustrated) methinks! :P


noone said...

money rocks huh!

Xeb said...

Absolutely! :P Do you doubt it?

Americanising Desi said...

money always rocks :D

noone said...

Life would suck big time without it
but it does suck big time with it

you cant buy everything
(niether can mastercard)