February 11, 2010

So my lovelies, I'm off to I-rack. For all those who ask, I go to pay homage to those martyred in Karbala, in the month of Moharram. I'll be there for eight days during which I'm sincerely hoping resident suicide bombers decide to sit back, and capitalize on a much-needed opportunity for RnR. Either way, I'm not particularly scared. I figure, whatever (whomever) is calling us to these places will also keep us safe there.

I leave behind me masses of work and a very nervous office team who are somehow counting on me to get hold of the internet. Actually, I'm counting on me to get hold of the internet too. Remember those Chinese net-addicts? I'm beginning to see where they're coming from. I'm already sensing withdrawal symptoms, and I haven't even gotten out of wireless range yet.

Anyhow, since this may just be last post in a while, good-bye to all of you and stay safe - and happy - while I'm gone. Have a great life and miss me - just-a-little-bit. I'll see you on the other side of this pilgrimage. In the meantime, be a darling and vote for me! Also, please leave comments on that profile-thing so that I can (somewhat) stop envying Jammie hers! :P


jammie said...

haww haye (punjoo style exclamation) dont envy, share babay!! :D

ibteda. said...

I already voted for Jammie & they only except one vote per IP.
But your blog rocks too :)