February 2, 2010

It's a good thing that I'm the sort of person who does not play social games. Because if I did then this is what I'd do. I'd pursue you (gently, you know where you actually think it's all your idea, except it's not really) till the point where you were convinced that you could not live without me. This I would do simply to prove to myself that you're not the heartless robot you appear to be (except I'm becoming somewhat convinced you sortoff are). Anyhow, but back to my grand plan (which-is-not-my-grand-plan-because-I-don't-play-games-remember?), the plan is:

  1. I'd make you fall for me (please remember, the 'how' is not important to academic theory so kindly resist from asking silly questions).

  2. I would ensure that fall is somewhat irrevocable. You know, no falling out. No moving on to the next thing that moves. Convinced that I am the one. That sort of nonsense. (This, assuming I was-the-sort-of-girl-who-plays-these-games, I would know how to do very, very well)

  3. I would wait for appropriately dramatic moment. One is bound to turn up sooner rather than later. You know, how you'd get up on stage in front of a million people and declare your undying love for me. Or you'd invest your life's savings into a ring and an expensive honeymoon and then come by to pop the question. (Given how important grand gestures are to me, I'm sure you'd think of something appropriate)

  4. I would then look you in the eye, smile a cheerful smile, and tell you to fuck off. And remind you that 'that' is what you deserve for playing hot-and-cold and screwing with my mind. That would also be the point when I'd hold hands with a man-much-hotter-than-you-are and walk into the sunset with him. Oh, and if it's pretty, I'd take your ring with me. (the end)

Seriously, it's a very good thing I'm not-the-sort-girl-who-plays-social-games. Na?


Ali said...

can we have sheesha after we walk off into the sunset together?

Aneela Z said...

you have been tagged:
please enter the contest!!!

How do we know said...

have i told u lately, that i totally love you!? (i m a gurl, and my love for you is purely platonic)

Oh, and people who dont know what they've got, deserve what they'll eventually get.. which is BS!

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

U intrigue me every day :P
Anyways... Have fun

APOO said...

How do I know? Gimme live demo :P

Xeb said...

Ali: Ofcourse we can! :) Grape-mint?

Aneela: Thanks for the tag! :) Will get to it as soon as work gives me a little breathing space! I promise! :D

H: :)

LPS: Thanks! :P

APOO: You ditched me too (10th January came and went, not an Apoo in sight) ergo you get no demonstrations. Sorry!

shelikestoscreamandroad said...


Be that girl, Love. That's the way to do it ...