January 10, 2010

This morning's (well, afternoons) WTF moments:

Moment 1: I get a facebook note from V who I've been missing much-much telling me she can't call me from Chandigarh because she's been warned that India-Pakistan calls are being monitored. Since I'm fairly certain that India-Pak calls are being monitored, that comes as no surprise. What does, however is that her cousin apparently called something this side of the border and was then subjected to a little visit by the local police. Seriously guys, the police? What happened to quietly evesdropping on people's conversations. This is like aik to chori uper se seenazori. :S

Moment 2: Tazeen's blog just told me that the Pakistani hockey team was fined because they 'hugged' a woman. First our tourism minister, then our hockey team. We're such a fucked up nation its unbelievable.


Desert Mystery said...

a hug fine! seriously? wtf?

Xeb said...

Seriously 'wtf'. I should have mentioned the link in the post: