January 2, 2010

N just promised me a vacation filled with 'poker and dancing, and sheesha and daru'. A week-long trip to Atlantic city (I'm wondering why not Vegas, but hey gambling-is-gambling), and as many massages as I want.

*cheer's* to that, I say, *cheer's to that*.

J & R get in touch to wish me Happy New Year. J stays to gossip. Turns out A has turned into a male-whore. Who would have thought?! Even though certain people are upset with him, I say his friends should just be happy that he's finally getting some! :P Na?

I miss I.House with a vengeance. S pops into J's room as casually as if it were mine. She stays to catch up and talk to me some, first on skype (lovely invention that) then on the phone when the internet goes down. Both of them seem to be on a mission to get me to move northward. Preferably the US, but Canada will do. Good luck to them I say, I can't say I'd miss much about the motherland aaj kal. But then again, perhaps life without rapid bomb-blasts (and other assorted disasters) and Lord V jokes (because when he's not responsible for your country's future, perhaps the jokes become less funny?) may be kindoff dull. Who knows? I certainly don't!

B has left the USofA for good. I'm sad for him, but I know he'll be better off in India what with booming economy and all. S is not-so-happy for him. Good luck to both of them, I am testimony to the havoc distance can wreak to a fairly theek-thaak relationship.

Mommy is baffled by her daughter aaj kal. Seems like the marriage market suddenly decided to wake up and spot me on the horizon. I'm less than thrilled. I have moments when I'm tired of being 'single-and-looking' (a pretty pathetic state, believe-you-me) and resign myself to being arranged-by-marriage. Then I decide I will accept whatever proposal comes my way and to hell with fantasy dreams of Cinderella's prince (not like Islamabad is handing me any balls aaj kal anyway). So I pack up my glass slippers, make peace with my evil step-sisters and resign myself to a life of contrived mundanity.

And then I wait, and I wait, for someone to propose but it seems that as fate would have it the marriage market puts me in cold storage for a while. And while I wait (giving me time for anything is rather dangerous, frankly my issue in life is that I think too much), point being: I wait, and contemplate, and then decide: to-hell-with-it. Why am I sitting around like an idiot waiting for Mr. Marriage to pop into my life, given that I'm not entirely sure Mr. Marriage would be my cup of tea anyway? I may as well explore whatever's out there on the horizon (entirely unmarreageable, but fun nevertheless). I don't need to get married just for the sake of getting married - and I shouldn't.

So there you have it. Xeb decides to screw the 'proper' marriage agenda and resume normal living as she knew it. And voila, fate decides to screw with her head again and one random rishta sneaks into the picture. Followed (would you believe it?) by another. And then the inevitable pressure (accept-him-because-you-never-know-when(if)-another-one-is-coming-by, beta-you-can't-have-everything-you-have-to-compromise-sometime and but-what's-WRONG-with-him?!) begins and escalates until the furor dies and when it's all over I emerge on the other side somewhat battered but still single wondering when life got so complicated and decisions that should have been natural became forced, and stilted and scary.

The moral of this story: Social pressures Suck. Thank you. Good-bye.


Lonely Perverted Soul said...


Anonymous said...

*sigh* i can sooo relate to you over the whole "rishta thing"

the sheikh said...

And I can relate to you over the whole going to being offered amazing vacations in AC/Vegas or wanting to move back.

HOWEVER, NYE made me realize that one can have some amazing amazing times in Pak too :D.

Xeb said...

LPS: :)

Anon: Sigh.

ts: Then your NYE was better than mine! :P Next time, invite me to the party! *hehe*

Girish said...

"Social pressures Suck..."
Can't agree more. From one of its latest victims.