January 12, 2010

Excerpts from Xeb's conversation with a friend:


Me: ... so then he turned commitment phobe and ran off in another direction. Can you imagine? What a bastard!

She: Err, in case its escaped your notice you've turned into a commitment-phobe too.

Me:By which if you mean I'm much more careful as to where I jump now, you may be right.

She: Bullshit. By which I mean you'll make-out with a random stranger and then refuse to see him again after. The more he pursues you, the harder you'll run away.

Me: By which you mean barring selective moments of hedonism I'm careful not to enter into self-destructive relationships, I agree.

She: Stop whitewashing what I say Xeb. By which I mean you've turned down every single 'stable', 'real', 'non-transient' offer you got in the recent past in favor of some stupid fling with some stupid man who was completely ineligible in every way.

Me: How mean. Not wholly ineligible surely. Not that the 'stable' chappies were all that eligible anyway! For heaven's sake can you imagine me married to any of them?

She: They were centered and grounded...

Me: ... haha, I knew there was a reason they didn't 'rock' my world :P....

She: ... and flippancy, my love, has turned into another character trait that will get you precisely nowhere.

Me: Since when did you turn into my mother darling?

She: Since you needed it you moron. Admit it: your name is Xeb and you're commitment phobic.

Me: Bullshit. Witness both my previous relationships: HE broke up with ME. I stuck it out till the bitter-awful end. Does that sound like a commitment phobic person to you?

She: Err, when was your last serious relationship again?

Me: A while! Crap it's been almost two years... time seriously flies when you're having fun, don't it?

She: And in the meanwhile you have gone out with men.

Me: The occasional man (or two) yes... *innocent smile*

She: And you have had offers of something more permanent?

Me: Err, the occasional offer (or two) yes.

She: Why have you opted for former rather than latter?

Me: Because it seemed like a good idea at the time. And the latter guys were NOT right for me anyway.

She: But the former ones were?

Me: Ofcourse not. But they were just for entertainment mostly. It was never supposed to last anyway.

She: I rest my case.

Me: *fuck*


Moral of this story:
Avoid friends who know too much. Hang out with complete strangers instead.


Manasi Dhanorkar said...

I agree.. When friends get down to moral policing, there is really nowhere else to look for support for some well meaning fun :D
Totally unrelated, but any views on the whole Times India peace initiative?

Xeb said...


You refer to the Times India/GEO initiative? Amun ki Aasha right? I think its fabulous. Someone was asking me to be part of a larger civil society version of it. I'm going to try to push it off soon-ish!

Manasi Dhanorkar said...

Yup that's the one. Cool, all the best with that :)

Xeb said...

You should take part too. I have no clue if the CS version will take off, but if it does I hope it means I get to come to India! :P

Manasi Dhanorkar said...

Great idea, I'll look it up :)
Didn't know you wanted to come to India.. Is it to meet Shahid Kapoor? ;)

Xeb said...

Haha, how'd you guess? :P

Ali said...

I thought it would be cause of john :(

owais said...

Just came across your blog...Loved your work :)and sometimes only close friends can dare to show you the lights of reality.

Xeb said...

A: John toh mera love-of-life hai na. Shahid Kapoor is temporary distraction :P Remember according to this nutty friend I'm prone to those.

o: Thanks :) And this close friend is wacko! :P *bus*

Khizzy said...

xeb i want to be part of the india thingy tooo...i want to meet shahid too.
we'll let him decide.

Xeb said...

Nahinnnn Shahiddd meraaaa haiiii!!!


I am suddenly ready for a commitment now. Woh mera hai, aur SIRF mera hai.

Ali said...

lol.. result jealousy results into commitment. :P

Xeb said...

Haha, you'd be surprised how often jealousy turns into commitment! :P

Ali said...

hmmm i ought to work on that, then. :))

How do we know said...

listen lady, moral of the story is, give love another chance... thats all.
Sometimes, love is not in valentines day cards. its in "did u take ur medicine"s too.. and the kind of guy who does the second is way better than the kind of guy who does only the first.