January 31, 2010

According to Fox News today US Drones managed to kill Hakimullah Mehsud. Naturally nothing is confirmed. The man may be dead, the man may not be dead. The man may exist, the man may not exist. One thing is for certain, his death (or non-death) makes no difference to the situation at large. Chaos, it seems, is still pretty much the order of the day.


MC Hammer said...

If I could fulfill your one wish...what would that be?

Xeb said...



Deepak Iyer said...

@Xeb : Come on ! You had money, perfect guy, power, more readers to ask for and you go for that lame happiness thing ?
Tsk tsk.

Xeb said...

Money, I can make.

Perfect guy, does not exist really, so no point in giving wish-granter an unnecessarily tough time. Plus men, they come and go (as blog tells)

Power, I will have.

Readers, I already have.

Happiness. Now thats something nebulous and uncertain. It's there, somewhere in the background, but beyond my reach. I can't go to work and earn it (or find a rich man and marry it). I can't go to a party, flirt with it. I can't assume it, and no amount of authority is going to bequeath it to me. And unless it wants to come this way, there's really nothing I can do to attract it to me. Happiness doesn't care how well I write (or not).

So there you go. It makes perfect sense to me to ask for happiness. When it's your turn, you can go ahead and ask for the other stuff~! :P

Deepak Iyer said...

@Xeb :
1. Did you just insult me by saying the perfect guy does not exist ?

2. And anyway, what use is happiness to you without those other things [:P] ?

3. Even if you did get your happiness, you know you are going to write a post that is 'mildly complaining' very soon. You know you will. Come on now, admit it [:D].

P.S. : I request you to not publish a spin-off post based on this comment of mine, or any other for that matter.

Xeb said...

1. I did, in fact, insult you by saying the perfect guy does not exist. I maintain, however, that it's not your fault. That you were born a man makes you imperfect to begin with! :P If your next life seeks perfection, wish for a different set of chromosomes!

2. Turn it around. What use is any of the above to me without happiness? It's a question of means vs. end goal, you see?

3. Oh yea! :P Complaining posts and 'I' are bosom buddies. We can't leave each other alone!

Ps: Wish granted! *hehe*

Deepak Iyer said...

@Xeb :
1. Assuming your awesomely perfect logic is true, would you rather prefer being an imperfect being with a perfect one, or vice versa [;)] ?

2. True -- both those sets need to be co-dependent.
In which case, the best thing to ask for is 3 other wishes and so on ...

Rabia said...

ok so there are thousands of these extremist guys and these people think killing the top dudes one at a time is gonna help...someone pls do the math for them here!! "killing" osama (which we arent even sure about yet) hasnt weakened them, i doubt killing HM will!