December 24, 2009

Work calls me to Peshawar today. More sleazy government servants to meet and evaluate. Given that most DMG officers I had met thus far were the not-on-active government duty ergo consultants-to-the-donors type, meeting the real deal re: current project has been, err, eye-opening. Most of them are on a self-driven power trip inflated by murmurs of many yes-men surrounding them. I'm told that the government is never pleasant to deal with regardless of country, but in this particular case (maybe because their continued donor funding - translated into expensive cars and other assorted toys - may depend on this evaluation), some of them are downright hostile. As I said, 'fun'.



Anonymous said...

stay safe, xeb.

ordered-chaos said...

DMG/customs/Tax the whole plethora of government servants are sleazier then most slimeballs you would meet elsewhere. I Prided myself on my inability to be shocked by what the 2legged animal devolved to BUT that was before fate decided to take me down many notches and exposed me to THEM!!!!

if the ones you meet are between 30-45 meeting a GURRRL who is FARAN PALAT not to mention from lums will keep them salivating and braying about this in ways you cant imagine. Cretinism has no competition when it comes to this!

PS: You MUST empathise with me my plight where compulsive human company goes now .........