December 19, 2009

There are murmurs this morning of a judicial coup. There are speculations as to what a government that is 'now' morally unfit to govern will do post NRO-decision. I find all of this most uninspiring. The way I see it, a bunch of drama-queens in black coats are even less equipped to deal with Pakistan than a bunch of stoic gunmen. The descent into chaos is soon to begin my loves. And in this instant, when our firangi 'friends' step into the fray a'la Iraq, our idiot government (all three wings put together) will have no one to blame but the 'people' who fought so hard for CJ darling, and voted our current President into power.

If anyone came to me for a solution (which for some reason they don't), I'd tell them I see only one slim possibility right now. Put Mustafa Kamal (Town Nazim, Karachi for those of you who don't know) at the helm. He's smart, dedicated and a proven leader. Given that he worked wonders with Karachi, I don't see why he can't do the same on a somewhat larger scale. And before anyone blathers on about MQM (yes I know most people cannot understand my soft spot for the gunda-gang). His party - despite their many-many faults - has always protected its own. And it's about time someone protected the motherland instead of raping, pillaging and then running away to England/Saudi-Arabia/nether regions of Europe to enjoy their ill-gotten gains.

Damn you government. You'd screwed us over as usual.

Damn you people. You 'elected' this damn government.



Anonymous said...

haha.. i judge you for supporting the MQM!!

Xeb said...

So judge me! :P In this particular context, I'd still support the MQM!

projectchaos6m said...

Sounds like we are all set for anarchy. But when was the last time sheep went anarchic.

Desert Mystery said...

Did the "people" really elect this govt? I think not. I bet that most people who voted out of sympathy for B, did not grasp at that stage that we would end up with V.

Xeb said...

p: true that. If nothing else, this should be fun to watch.

DM: Err,okay. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan proudly presents it's 'democratically elected government'. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan also proudly presents, Lord V as president. If one does the math (and considers that democracy implies that the 'demos' vote government into power - or some such) then it seems fairly clear that the people are to blame for 'electing' this government. Collective lunacy may be one explanation for Lord V's ascent to power, that said, those lunatics are still to blame. No?