December 22, 2009

I-House just sent me this. And crazy intense burst of nostalgia hits. Given that yesterday was not the happiest day in the world and today is probably not going to be much better, I'm not too sure I needed the emotional-mind-fuck this just picture just inspired. That said, doesn't Sakura Park look wonderful? (for those of you who do not know, this was my backyard - and the view from my window - when I lived in Manhattan)

It's 5:30am and I'm scheduled to take an early morning flight to Lahore. I hate waking up early, I'm so 'not' a morning person. It's dark. chilly, and gloomy outside, which is a good fit with my my mood abhi. My bed is so very warm and comfy, I seriously resent the need to crawl out of it. I resent work. I resent work-induced-early-morning travel. I resent having to return to the motherland a'la Fulbright. I resent that I'm stuck in limbo yet-again.

Right now, this very moment, I just intensely-intensely want to go home. The sad part is, I have no frikking clue where home is.

Sigh. Good Morning. :(


Anonymous said...

xeb,if you're in Lahore pop in for a coffee.

Xeb said...

Err, where? With whom? :P
There are some drawbacks to being an anon darling.

Anonymous said...

Ah, too late my dear, too late :-) Don't worry xeb, wasn't very good anyway.

Well, if you were paying attention: Lahore and with me!

Xeb said...

What was too late?

And precisely my point. Who are you?

Anonymous said...

err..your reply was too late. Never mind.

Can't reply now xeb, the internet connectivity from these Tora Bora caves is simply awful.

Xeb said...

Err, okay then. :P

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Hey busy person... how u've been? and ur in lahore now??