December 18, 2009

Err, so according to a rather confusing news report it seems that the land-of-the-pure is not issuing visas to 'hundreds' of US officials and contractors which is - they say - a 'very serious issue' that could hamper U.S. aid programs and further strain a critical alliance in the fight against Islamic extremism. Says the US Government, 'This is big. It's not minor'. Apparently this issue is being addressed with Islamabad at the 'highest levels'.

Upon reading this piece here's the source of my confusion:

1. They're implying that hundreds of people are seeking visas for Pakistan. Given the mass exodus (or ratty dreams of escaping sinking ship at any rate) from within, it seems a little absurd to think of lines outside the Paki embassy demanding to let people in. One would think that supply of Pak visas would far exceed demand at the moment.

2. As my colleague N just pointed out: Do they (meaning our Amreeki 'frainds') even need a visa to get into Pakistan? One assumes they simply sneak in on their big helicopters, land on the big helipad inside the American embassy, and there they are, pretty much here to stay. This seeking visa business seems mighty strange to me.

3. The article implies that the lack-wit Pakistani government is in a negotiating position vis-a-vis American entry into the country. Given the number of Amreeki's already here, it seems a little absurd for them to suddenly sit back and actually take 'strategic decisions' on whether to issue visas or not.

This is all very strange, my loves. Mark my words, something is up! The question be: what exactly?


Anonymous said...

err.., um..i hope this isn't what your going to say on television xeb! :-)

Deepak Iyer said...

I just tweeted this :
Pakistan denying hundreds of visas: US As we know, the Pak. government is in a state of denial.

Did I tell you that puns work marvelously on television ?

Xeb said...

Anon: Interview done. It would quite annoying. I blogged about it, but then post got swallowed up somehow and I was too lazy to write another one! :P

D: I LOVE that tweet! :P You deserve much respect for that one!

Anonymous said...

oh, okay. swallowed up, you say? damn those zionist pigs.

did the pink work then?

Xeb said...

*would = was

Xeb said...

*hehe* I actually did end up going for a pink and purple shalwar kameez as a matter of fact! :P

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Yea i heard this thng on the radio today.... Its funny .. We denying US ppl visas :P

Deepak Iyer said...

No video for us ?
We helped you right ?
Ehsaan faramosh.

Anonymous said...

well, if we're going down that route i'd like to add:
* your = you're. hey, stop that already!:-)

err..xeb, please don't expect me to ask about colour of shoes etc., etc. there are limits to any self-respecting man's curiosity, don't you know! :-)

Thoth said...

Hey, yea what about the video. And i had a perfect reply for what to wear and what to say, question. Sorry got late.

Xeb said...

LPS: Yea, who would have thought.

D: Completely! :P

Anon: Hey! You asked, I replied.

Anonymous said...

You asked, I replied

err..ahem..i'd better be careful what i ask then..don't want to embarrass u or anyhting :-)

have a good weekend.

Xeb said...

Anon: What weekend? I work this weekend. I hate this weekend. I hate work. :S

Anonymous said...


xeb, can't u just pretend to work? i mean, i awlays do.

err...come to think of it though, that might explain why i haven't been promoted or got a salary increase for years.


xeb, what's the facial expression for 'doh!' ?

Xeb said...

Anon: If I pretended to work then the seven (sigh) people whose salaries my budget pays would also pretend to work. Which would be fine, except then my clients would also pretend to pay me. Which would also be fine except for some off reason people you can't buy pretty things with pretend money. Which, if you ask me, is a bit of a shame. Na?

Ps: No clue about the *doh* thing, but point taken! :P

Anonymous said...

that be true, xeb, you cannot buy real presents for real people with pretend money but you can surely *pretend* to buy presents with pretend money for real people (or pretend people, for that matter)?

okay then, have a..err.. good sunday afternoon? :-)

Xeb said...


Thanks :P