December 9, 2009

As my friend Jerry - who shared with me the truly disgusting gem below says - 'Hawwww the Haiii'

Please to be noticing the Badshahi mosque in the background. Quite the coup de grace as far as 'situational irony' is concerned! :P

Please view with caution, on an empty stomach. In the interests of social responsibility please refrain from viewing in the presence of small children and other corruptible souls.

Enjoy! :P


DysfunctionaL said...

so today while I shamelessly watched nadia khan show with my mother.. they talked about the newly released lollywood flick 'Madam X' starring shaan and an unknown lady.. the only words used to describe it were 'bold, read: vulgar' and 'fahash' and 'yeh censor board ne kesay pass ki hai?'..

rest assured, curiosity's got the better of me.. i REALLY wanna see what the hoopla's about!

Rabia said...

I only managed to get through the 1st min, motion sickness struck after that!

Xeb said...

D: Madam X you say?! :P I really want to watch too! Where does one go about finding these faahaash Lollywood movies I wonder?!

R: Yea, I can understand that! :P

DysfunctionaL said...

Xeb, u MUST find out how to get hold of it, being in the motherland and all.. i have a feeling Madam X will DEFINITELY be all that and more :P

Xeb said...

D: I googled 'Madam X' and it may just be playing in a seedy cinema in Saddar (Karachi). Given that I'm making yet another trip to Karachi this weekend, I may just see if I can hunt up the cinema! :P Wish me luck!