December 2, 2009

Another day, another blast. Chappy was somewhat incompetent this time around. By all accounts he didn't take anyone else with him. I passed by the bomb-blast location around the same time (give or take thirty minutes), it seems luck is with me today. Since I'm going to Karachi again in a few hours, I suppose I don't have to worry about this particular demon anymore. That said, concerned friends tell me I should find myself a cheap dummy phone to carry around in my bag ready to hand over in case I get held up.

What a joy the Land of the Pure is to live in aaj kal.



Jaded said...

Tell me about it... I would have passed by the spot at the same time had I followed original plan of going to Super Market after classes...

Sad World! May we live to live in peace!!

Karachi, work?

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

U shud know better.. u've lived in KHI..

Anonymous said...

hey since ur a HUGE shahid kapoor fan, check something the video for Kahin Aag Lagay of the movie the song ashwayria's wearing a white dress and these group of guys are running around her holding long peices of dupattas...the one who drape's it over her head is SHAHID KAPOOR!

enjoy :)

Xeb said...

J: Khi = work, yes. Plus lots of family here also.

LPS: Khi has her moods. Ironically, despite the Lyari shootout et al, Khi seems miles safer than Islamabad aaj kal.

Anon: Err, thank you for the tip! :P

Deepak Iyer said...

Quite horrible.

'Take care' also seems like a hollow statement to make.