November 18, 2009

Work has been somewhat awful of late. I have been told (over-and-again) that storming before norming is an essential pre-requisite of establishing an effective team. And since I am new, I gather this is pretty-much my-problem-to-deal-with, everyone else already knows what they do and where they have to be. And as a tsunami of work floods towards me everyday it's a constant struggle to complete even the bare bones of my fairly extensive things to do list.

Work-woes would explain why every-day I have had to bail out of plans to 'chill' with lucky-people-who-are-not-drowning-like-I and - this morning - I had to cancel on my much-awaited Singapore/Malaysia vacation at the end of the month. For the latter I deserve a good kick on the rear, I was so caught up in work I didn't realize that embassies have annoying time schedules and I can't make the visa deadlines. I figure I don't need my potentially de-stressing vacation giving me more stress than I can deal with in the planning of it, ergo I've asked the office to call off proceedings, and cancel my leave application. I suppose it's back to Karachi for Eid for me. :(

So I'm not in a great place right now. My personal life is screaming because it's neglected. Work life is bitch-slapping me because it doesn't get enough (or-so-it-thinks) attention. I'm tired, whiny and permanently behind schedule which does not make me team-player extraordinaire. And all I really want to do in life is get a hot-stone-massage. And if the masseuse happens to be male, and hot, then so much-the-better. But then I've been craving massages for a while, it just never seems to be the right time for them.

(My mother's voice is ringing in my head right now: beta, you'll never 'have' time, you have to 'make' time).

And now, I shall quit whining and engage in something more productive and less likely to get me fired.


Ps: Someone just sent me this by email. It made me smile :) It's titled:

Worldwide Organizational Chart


Ali Hasanain said...

I like this look, although why you spend all your time looking for, meticulously customizing, and then throwing away templates is beyond me!

Although I'm one to say: I spend a lot of time making tiny tweaks to mine =P Have you seen it recently? Whaddya think?

Asfandyar said...


This theme is going to give me migraines - and give every poor spectacle wearing soul eye-aids.

And by aids I don't mean aides. I mean aids. As in, a horrible disease. As in, our eyes will pop out and roll on the ground.

Not good. :(

Anonymous said...

better, much.

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Im in your situation for 3 days now... Yea u must be saying big deal... :P

Btw love the picture...