November 19, 2009

The Sheikh wrote a long piece on why he felt non-anonymous bloggers were idiots. Today, I completely agree. As it turns out blog just may be responsible for social disaster in an incestuously small Islamabad.



Option 1: Stop blogging altogether.

Option 2: Stop blogging here. Make another - anonymous - blog. Blog there instead. Make sure no one ever links Xeb-to-blog and vice versa.

Option 3:  Retain blog. Promise everyone who hangs out with me that they will NOT be featured on blog, ever. Censor posts to ensure political correctness.

Option 4: Continue as before. Conclude that anyone who takes offence at what I write (unless it was meant to be offensive) has no sense of humor. Declare that I would rather not hang with people with no sense of humor. Keep blogging, bolstered by the knowledge that blog now has a new name: 'Welcome to the World of a Social Outcast'


I'm doomed. New city. Few friends. And foot-in-mouth (or in this case blog) disease is an awful combination methinks. :(


ordered-chaos said...

I vote both hands ( and feet too) up for option 4!!!!

heewa said...

seriously, idiots they be.

Jaded said...

option 4 always!!

Ali said...

love the template ;))

Ubaid said...

awww *hugz*

i like option 4 waisey!!!

OnLY OnE..! said...

option 4.

and I think am getting too picky..I don't like this template either...n yes you may shoot me!

the sheikh said...

Hey hey heyyyy

Firstly, it's shEikh not shAikh.

Secondly, you're not an idiot. You're awesome.

Thirdly, accidents happen. Keep blogging here and just don't write about the people who take offence.

Write something embarrassing about yourself as a peace offering to aforementioned offended people :D

Rabia said...

What is the point of blogging if you have to screen every thought and emotion to ensure that ppl like it?!?! And woman since when did u even start to give a damn about offending others in the first place. Dont be unnecessarily mean, but say what you want. keep at it, ur amazing!

Salman Latif said...

Well...just chillax and ignore em. That'd be the option 4 I guess :D

Btw nice template! (: