November 8, 2009

I'm sleepy. But I'm not. You know that kind of place where your eyes are closing but your brain refuses to let you go to bed? I'm finally home after far-too-many days to a notice from the building maintenance informing me there'll be no water at my place from 6:00am to noon. But in good news, the cable works again. I'm bored. I need distraction. Perhaps a vacation. Maybe a new hobby. Ideas, anyone?

I also need a haircut. Kidhar jaoon?

Do you think Cinepax is going to be bombed in the near-future? If not, then perhaps I should go watch a movie there. On the other hand, perhaps it may be worth-my-while waiting for a movie worth being potentially bombed for. To die over the current shit on display (Main aur Mrs. Khanna being a prime example of bollywood drivel) would really be a bit of a pity.

I'm watching a song from Dev D (remember that S? :P) and I realize the Abhay Deol is really cute. Those dimples are most(e) charming. Or I'm just a sucker for a bad-boy. Maybe both.

I really should sleep. I'm utterly exhausted. And I have nothing else to do anyway. Also I've been trying to stream the latest episode of Greys for the past half-hour. Apparently my internet has chosen this moment to truly suck. I'd call Witribe and complain except nothing came of it the last time I tried. They had me stick a pin into my router, put in some random IPs, take off some random IPs, stick another pin into my router (voodoo works everything didn't you know?) and then assured me that it would be fine in fifteen minutes. Woh din aur aaj ka din, not much has changed except I haven't been here to appreciate speed depreciation.

Which reminds me. I discovered this a while back, was amused so thought I'd share the wealth:


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

And have u tried restarting the wi tribe thing.. it always works for me...

OnLY OnE..! said...

that video is priceless!

thanks for sharing! :)