November 19, 2009

I spy, with my little eye, lots of action on the security front today. Groups of men are hacking away at the thick bush along Islamabad's green belt. Something tells me it's not going to remain as thick, or as green, by the the time they're done with it. All the way across the city the checkposts are being reinforced with bags and bags of sand. The number and frequency of posts along with due diligence with which they check the cars is very pronounced as of this morning. At every traffic light along Kashmir Highway there are atleast five policemen weaving their way through stopped cars toting big-black-sniper-type-guns. Yet more policemen are packed away behind the sandbagged forts around every corner, hidden except for a peeking helmet and a flash of a weapon.

Even the air is somewhat tense today. Add to that the daily bomb-blast in Peshawar (in front of the judicial complex, 16 dead, 25 wounded). And it seems pretty clear. Something is about to happen. The question is: what exactly?


Salman Latif said...

I'd rather say that has become like a norm here at Islamabad and the neighboring areas.

ibteda said...

Two blasts - the first at destination unknown, the 2nd at the same place, only after the firefighters, police, media & volunteers have accumulated at the spot.