November 19, 2009

I just got a package from Blue-Ex (a great courier service btw, I'd pick it over TCS et al any day) wrapped in enough brown tape to clothe a small person. I opened it and found another box inside. And then another one inside that. And a fourth. Then finally, inside the fifth box came two meticulously wrapped foil cartons that contain the most delicious oober-chocolatey super-yummy brownies. All the way from Karachi! :)

I feel utterly and completely spoilt right now.

And very-very-happy.

Thank you for the chocolate-high Sarah. I love you much-ly! :D


OnLY OnE..! said...


Salman Latif said...

Not fair - you're telling that to a die-hard fan of chocolate when he's stuck at a no-choco land!! :@

brok3n said...

who is Sarah? I want Sarah =( ....or brownies =((