November 21, 2009

The fish is running-around advertising this video (and song) by new (and somewhat random) band called KOSTAL (apparently 'Coastal' found the conventional spelling somewhat non-conducive to musical sensationalism).

My Verdict:

I think the concept is cute but somewhat overdone. It starts well (Ali Saleem/Begum Nawazish Ali I like's much-much) but it soon regresses into a senseless conglomerate of modell-types sashaying around with no real effect. It may have been better if they'd carried on the original story-line without regressing to women with nice asses to make up for musical (and visual) deficiencies. But such be life, when you have nothing substantial to add to the mix you throw in a couple of pretty people and hope the distraction will suffice.

The song itself is somewhat catchy (if you listen to it enough) but the beat is jarring and oddly not in sync with the words. The rap segment they could have honestly done without, and perhaps - in the interests of our sensibilities - they should have. All in all I think the 10 (or-so) seconds before the song actually begins is the most promising bit of the video.

Better luck next time boys.

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Lonely Perverted Soul said...

i thot omran shafique was from MAUJ..