November 10, 2009

Sociological Deconstruction of Disney Princesses.

Stolen from here.


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

And how did u come up with this..?

Ali said...

Single trend... sigh. Is this actually what we have wanted.

brok3n said...

hopeless =(

komal said...

*food for thought*

OnLY OnE..! said...

Is it a reflection of the values of society, or has a hand in creating the values of society.

Chicken and egg problem...either sucks!!

sharbet said...

Ok I'm going to stick my neck out and say it, sexuality or physical beauty is only part of the Disney princesses (it's been awhile and my memory is rusty so bear with me). Here's how:

Snow White: She'd be considered a dithering idiot in today's world, but in the 30s the movie focused on her kindness, child like naivitiy and gentle spirit. There is a message that inner beauty is reflected into outer beauty hence the Witch's mercenary couldn't kill her, the dwarves took her in, the animals tried to protect her and the prince kisses her. A good always triumphs over evil lesson here too.

Sleeping Beauty: She defies her sequestered upbringing and the fairies who try to keep her away from trouble and goes out and finds love on her own anyway; that is before she realises that her dream man is the same person whom she is meant to marry.

Jasmine: Strong-headed, wilful, brave and smart, looks for deeper meaning in her men, love and life even if it means breaking custom and being with a man not of her 'status' ie a streetrat. Values honesty (hence the trouble Aladin gets into for lying to her).

Arial: Again wilful, strong, brave and defies custom and culture to do the unthinkable: fall in love with a different species :s. Although youthful love makes her act rashly and gets her into trouble she plays a role in saving herself and her prince.

Belle: Extraordinary woman who does not fit in with the provincial locals in her town because she values intellect and integrity. Brave because she accepts to stay as the Beast's prisoner in exchange for her father's freedom. Also brave because she returns to keep Gaston and the villagers from killing the Beast. Sees through Beast's ugly exterior and falls in love with the man inside.

Sleeping Beauty: Along the same lines as Snow White. Although very beautiful she is also kind and hard-working. There is a message that those who do good will be rewarded and those who are bad will lose out.

On the other hand: They are all beautiful in a very non-understated way and there is no movie in which the handsome prince sees beauty in the ugly beastess.

On a more positive note though I would say it emphasises the modern woman's right to accept and express her sexuality along with her inner beauty.