November 30, 2009

Bloopers all around:

At a friend's GT (get-together for the less 'with-it') last night a random photographer-boy came up to me:

He: Hey, I know who you are! I've met you before!

Me: ?

He: Aren't you the one whose dad was shot?

Me: Err, yes. That would be me.

Three-seconds of awkward silence suddenly break into a cacophony of voices desperately trying t0 change the topic.


Meanwhile, on another day, hanging out with another bunch of friends:

She: Are you planning to stick around Pakistan or move out?

Me: I have no idea! Let's see what the future holds!

She: Speaking of which, are you interested in a job in other countries?

Me: Very, very interested! But the Paki passport is a huge nuisance when it comes to getting visas and a lot of prospective employers write you off because of that. Not to mention all that annoying red-tape before planning vacations. I'm seriously tempted to find someone with a foreign passport and marry him just to avoid all this drama.

She: *hmmm*

At which point I remember I'm talking to a US citizen who was duped into marriage with a Pakistani who wanted her only for passport purposes. She was subsequently divorced and watched as he (with his new-found American citizenship) married the woman-from-Pakistan he had 'loved' to begin with.


As I said, bloopers all around this week. This one was particularly *ouch* inducing.


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Lol... the second one was funny.. :P
Sorry ..:)

Jaded said...


Thoth said...

I am sorry to hear about that.

Annie said...


When you come back?