November 13, 2009

Another day, another ticket. Speeding this time (Ali H, I hope you're happy!). But what-oh-what do the silly cops expect me to do when I'm getting late for work and I have these beautiful, clear roads in front of me?

Also, Islamabad roads were made for speeding, says this Karachi-dweller. The traffic police industry here should be ashamed of themselves for victimizing us for something we clearly can't help.

But in better news, even though (yet-again) the smile didn't get me off it did manage to get me a discount. According to cop-from-Karachi, the fine amount is half of what it-could-have-been.

Something is better than nothing, my loves, something is better than nothing.



Adeel said...

There are more um...unorthodox methods to dodge one of these. However, I'm not entirely sure if you'd be up to the task. :-P

P.S. I am surprised you didn't blog about that god awful storm-delayed PIA flight from KHI to ISB in September.

(In case you're wondering who this is -- it's Adeel. The dude who was stuck at the KHI airport with you)

Xeb said...

Oh hello-hello! :) Fancy meeting you here! :) How're you doing? Are you back in Canada now? How was Isb?

Did I not blog about that awful day? I was probably too tired. Do you know, I still have the videos of swearing-uncle-jee somewhere in my laptop! :P

Ps: What um, unorthodox methods?

Adeel said...

I was only in Islamabad for a week. I came back in October again, for a week. Thought about getting in touch with you, but I didn't have your contact, and the phone with your blog url in it was back in Canada then.

You must share the videos. That particular experience, as awful as it was, it will always stick with me.

Oh and forget about the unorthodox methods, Pakistan ki seedhi saadhi larkiyan aisay karnamay anjaam nahi day sakti :-P

Xeb said...

That particular experience WAS quite hellish was it not? A better way of getting in touch with me is facebook, or email.

Re: unorthodox methods: *haww haii*

Adeel said...

Hellish sounds about the right term for that experience. Facebook, I stay away from...way too many issues with that one. Email is always a good idea.

Re: Re: unorthodox methods: *muhaha*

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Just a tip.... if your stopped at nite by traffic police.. ask them to show you the video... becoz thr camera dont work at nite time and they dont have any proof.. . i wiggled my way out of a ticket like this... But since this ticket u got in the morning so dont think theres any way other than the unorthodox methods mentioned by adeel... :P

Ali said...

Isloo, late at night without any gridlock.. is like heaven!!!

Xeb said...

A: Isloo late at night I've seen. Sadly, Isloo late at night without the bloody gridlock I has not seen. But I can imagine how wonderful it must be, all those beautiful roads and not a cop in sight... :D

Ali said...

Well, i was there in April this year and was roaming almost all night after 1:00 am ofcourse.

Ali Hasanain said...

Well done