October 23, 2009

Humain yeh bhi tha ghanimat
Jo koi shumaar hota
Humein kya bura tha marna
Agar ek baar hota

- Faiz Ahmad Faiz
(stolen from Marina's blog)


You know, the interesting thing about living through an apocalypse is that you really do understand what it means when people say 'life must go on'. So you get up in the morning, you go to work, you meet friends at CJ's and you plan trips to sunday bazaar, you buy sofas for your house and you watch movies at cineplex even though the country is imploding around you. Maybe because without the enforced normalcy, you'd probably implode with it. It's a lot easier to pass judgment from the outside, a lot more difficult to get up every morning and do what you do knowing that if luck's not on your side and you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time you may not make it through the day.


Annie said...

sigh. we are fucked.

OnLY OnE..! said...

It's the same reason why people get more obsessed with celebrities during war.
They need some sense of constancy and a form of escape....it provides comfort.
As does going to shop for sofas and watching movies at cineplex and meeting friends at CJ's.

I used to wonder how people did it, but I guess you don't really have a choice. Either this or as you said implode with it.


Deepak Iyer said...


Desert Mystery said...

I have heard that business in beauty salons has increased exponentially. I guess if one is going to die, might as well do it while looking good.

I was also laughing that unlike most countries if all out civil war broke out in worst case scenario, neighboring countries are of no use in refuge. Afghanistan has its own problems. Iran hates us...and India well...lets not talk about that.

ibteda said...

Totally agree. Shutting off the miseries & the dangers is the only way to survive these days - especially if you are in the buisness of cashing on other's miseries i.e. the media :(

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Most of the people i think (me included) dont think about it that much unless one these bombs affects someone they know....

Marina said...

Do you know how happy it makes me that you read, even if you dont comment? =D

Xeb said...

A: True. So very-very fucked.

O: It's probably the reason war-time parties are said to be amazing. I say let's quit whining and throw a pahtay! :P We can even invite our Taliban brathers to come and dance.

Ps: I'm told (courtesy Ali) that there's a new drink being served at parties in Islamabad. It's Vodka, mixed with Rooh Afza, and they're calling it 'Laal Masjid'. *hehe*

D: It is, it is.

DM: I'd believe it. Women (and men) frequent beauty salons whenever something important is on the horizon. Since death is a once-in-a-lifetime-event... :P

i: Pakistan is probably the only country where news channels are more 'entertaining' than the entertainment channels. Constantly action packed they be.

LPS: I hope you never have to think about it then :)

M: I always read. Promise! :)