October 8, 2009

Xeb’s conversations with trainees, Episode 2.

(Ps: This conversation actually took place in Urdu)

Trainee, who is a (male) community mobilizer, district Zhob: Miss, have you studied in Islamabad?
Me: Err, well I did my undergrad in Lahore, and my masters from the US.
T: And have you been working with this organization long?
Me: Two years before I left for my MA and now again.
T: You’ve done a lot at such young age! How old are you?
Me: :) How old do I look?
T: You look like a girl! Much too young to be our trainer.
Me: I’m not a girl! :p I’m 26.
T: Oh. You look younger. Are you engaged?
Me: (Ouch) No I’m not.
T: Are you planning to be?
Me: I suppose so, let’s see what kismet brings me.
T: So, *suggestive pause* are you looking for someone in Quetta, or in Islamabad?
Me: Islamabad. (full-stop).


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

So that counts me in :D

Annie said...


Xeb said...

LPS: Haha, No, it just means Quetta (silly trainee in particular) is out.

A: Err, kyoon magar.

uglyduckling91 said...

Ager koi Quetta main Islamabad ka mill jaye? o_O

Desert Mystery said...

You should have said I'm looking for a mate from Chinese administered Kashmir. Confuses the cr*p out of people. Its funny. Should try it sometime.

Xeb said...

ud: Agar being the operative word, methinks! :P

DM: By the time I figure out how to tell people that in Urdu the joke will lose all appeal! :P

zainulabidin said...

hey i am also in islamabad.
i am 19
that was a very sweet post.
sighs of man. seems interesting

Xeb said...

z: Err, pedophilia has no appeal for me what-so-ever. Thank you but.

JDèé said...

What's wrong with Quetta? I thought the Bugtis were handsome. :S

Xeb said...

JD: Haha, handsome (or not) the Bugtis are also Bugtis. Which would automatically disqualify them from the ranks of the chosen.

mehreenkasana said...

Bugtis are extremely handsome men. I know a few. Rich, handsome and head-strong.

pf. I got the hots for someone else though. -_-

Xeb said...

m: Who you have hots for?

Ali said...

me, of course. :P

mehreenkasana said...

Ali, you can STFU now. Thank you. ^_^

No, it's not Ali. Ali's like my pet dog. I beat him in the guts to make myself happy. :D

pf. Someone.

Deepak Iyer said...

Oh Islamabad .. so close.

Btw, pray tell me how you you handled :P while speaking to your trainee.

Xeb said...

M, A: Get a room! :P

D: Thankfully, that particular affectation is limited to the written domain.