October 8, 2009

Xeb, making idle conversation with one of the trainees on the way to the venue:

X: What is that? (points to a pretty building)

T: That's the High Court building, and that's the Officer's club.

(The car takes a random turn to take us closer to the venue)

T: I know this place, my mother-in-law lives in this lane.

X: :) How long have you been married for? (seems like the appropriate thing to say given the context. It's either that or what-does-your-husband-do, or some such.)

T: When I say mother-in-law I mean my fiance's mother. He died two-months-ten-days ago in a bus accident.

*very-very awkward silence ensues*


mehreenkasana said...

God. That hurt.

Xeb said...

m: Yup. Talk about foot-in-mouth moment. :S