October 1, 2009

So, apparently Serena Quetta is not an option even though I be trying-trying. Turns out crazy-colleague thinks accommodation is a non-issue so I have to watch the whole I'm-going-to-the-field-but-I'll-be-living-in-a-five-star-thank-you-very-much-schpiel else I'll come across as the one with a princess-complex as opposed to the-one-who-wants-to-avoid-living-in-a-bordello (re: Lahore last month). But anyhow, the second-best (and somewhat liveable) but much-cheaper (bloody Serena and their bloody rates) hotel is 'Lords', pronounced by the locals as 'Loods' (lewds). When-oh-when will the world understand what the LUMS adventure society did years ago: that I just don't 'do' rural-&-rustic. Give me a nice, pampered, princess-trip any day. Which would be why I go stay at ski resorts while others-less-sensible-than-I decide to play pack-mule and trek up mountains. Which would also be why I sleep in the sand getting a massage (oh-I-so-want-this-frikking-massage) while other souls frolic with the fish somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Why do other people on the planet have to be so-damn-accommodating anyway? It makes people like me look bad! Idiots! *sigh*

And as for 'Loods', truth be told I don't know anything about it except its close to Serena and not altogether awful. But what makes me absolutely horrified is that 'Loods' offers no access to the internet. No internet for 13 days? I'm going to DIE! :(


Anonymous said...

its a shame too

serena quetta is lovely : D


Annie said...


what are you sayingggg!

connect to the internet through your phone (blue tooth)

Make your life easy.