October 3, 2009

Good people everywhere have realized a long time ago that when the pressure becomes unbearable and deadlines seem impossible to meet there is only one thing to do: Surf the internet.

Net-surfing, I find, is a solution to many of life's ills particularly when you come across gems such as the 2009 ig-nobel prizes (The 'Peace' prize awarded in 2007 to the those who instigated research & development on a chemical weapon -- the so-called "gay bomb" -- that will make enemy soldiers become sexually irresistible to each other - illustrates the sheer brilliance of these awards). Incidentally, did you know that Walmart has banned 11-things from their well-stocked shelves including pregnant barbies (shame-on-them-for-discriminating-against-the-natural-reproductive-right-of-women-everywhere - and Alaska too!). Also, the only known footage of Anne Frank (of-the-diary-fame) has been released on youtube and can be seen here. Oh and if you want to something absolutely amazing, click here, for Planet Mag's picture tour of the Asgarda: The Amazons of the Ukraine.

And now I just discovered that Greys's Anatomy episode 3 is out. Work can wait another 40 minutes. Ta.


Deepak Iyer said...

The Ignobel prizes are awesome.
Read the whole list for entertainment :

I remember an Indian winning it for calculating the total surface area of all elephants of India. Go figure.

Deepak Iyer said...

Btw, this is for you :