October 7, 2009

My baby cousin just got engaged. About the same time as the family (at large) is due to find out about rejected-suitor's current magni. The shit, my loves, will truly hit the fan on the marital front. *ouch*

Ps: If anyone out there truly wishes to marry me, now would be a good time to make your intentions clear. Desperate times, darling, desperate times! :( I figure the only way to remain in my family's good graces is to present somebody *anybody* as my future intended right-about-now.

Pps: *aaarrrrrggghhhhhhh*


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

*quietly raises his hand*... :P
sorry i know this is serious... waisay.. ur pretty and all y havent u...

Deepak Iyer said...

This is going to be interesting. Where are your commentators when you need them ?? [:D]

JDèé said...

I have a few friends I can talk to about it. Do you have any preferences? :P

brok3n said...

I would marry you if I wanted to marry in the first place....besides there's a slight problem of me also being a girl. I mean I dont have a problem being the gender I am, it just wudnt be suiteable to marry you..thats all. ^.^
Good Luck rishta-hunting tho... whatever happened to those profiles we were gonna' make? =(

ARandomGuy said...

I am bored and desperate too...lets get married

Xeb said...

LPS: Err, because I haven't. I don't think being pretty (or not) has anything to do with it.

D: Haha yea. One-would-think! :P

JD: Entirely too many! :P That be the problem!

b: Everytime I've had my heart I've considered the possibility of turning lesbian. Unfortunately even if the mind were willing, the body does not cooperate. To be straight, and heartbroken, seems to be my destiny! :P

ARG: Whereas I appreciate the offer - much - my problem in life thus far has been issues with 'a random guy'. Life sucks. Sigh.

Deepak Iyer said...

You know what you should do. Post your requirements and a link to your shaadi.com like profile and your minions will go hunt one of those guy things for you.

On a much lighter note, I can think of some cricketers you might be interested in .. hmm lets see ..

Shoiab Akhtar is cool .. but he has genital warts.
Salman Butt is nice but I am pretty sure you dont want to be stuck with his name.
Shahid Afridi is amazing, but I think he's too young for you, unless you are into teenagers.
Abdur Razzak was great, but he won't do anything until Wasimbhai asks him to.
Umar Gul is brilliant, but if what commentators say is true, he swings both ways.

Okay this is taking the form of a full fledged post :) but what the hell.

APOO said...

ME!! ME!! ME!!

ARandomGuy said...

I totally understand...btw I am not that random :p.. Anyway if u ever change your mind do give me a call (BTW awesome pic on the blog! the smoking one)

Xeb said...

D: Shahid Afridi is NOT a teenager. Is he?!!?! :(

A: Okay. When and where?

ARG: Hmm, if not that random, who are you? And thanks :)

Deepak Iyer said...

So when he arrived on the international scene, for quite some time people used to claim he was 18 yrs old. SO there's this running gag that he is perpetually young .. and 18 years old :D

APOO said...

New York (since thats where you wanna be)
I picked the where, you pick the when. 50-50 :P

Xeb said...

D: Ah.

A: How about Jan 2010? :P

APOO said...

Sounds perfect. Please start working on the invitations.