October 18, 2009

The Lahore University of Management Sciences promises to prohibit public displays of affection after a highly publicized peck on the cheek exposed deep fissures in Pakistani society.

Says this article.

What utter rubbish. Idiots, the lot of them.


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

So no more PDAs.. thts bad.. :P

Bakemono Imo said...

Seems sensible. Keeps LUMS off the Taliban's Places to Bomb list. Though, it would give birth to scandals when they are released.

M. said...

It is not sensible...this news brought LUMS into the limelight, i pray its protected from external attacks

Aneela Z said...

i will only dance at the revolution when they ban farting/burping and scratching the nether regions in public.

Sonia. said...

@aneela wth? farting and burping can not be controlled.tht was so stupid. and call me old fashioned but im freaking glad lums decided to do this. im assuming u attended lums, but im not sure if u hav seen a video which left me s p e e c h l e s s. if you see it, im sure ull have the same reaction. pakistan is a conservative society. it will be good if we let it be that way. losing our culture, values, religion and identity is not the only way to be 'modern'. just remember, its good to be open minded, but not so open minded that your BRAINS FALL OUT.

Anonymous said...

err...since I'm one of the 'idiots' still there I had to respond (if that's okay with you, xeb?).

Firstly, I don't know what's meant by "our" culture/religion..as if to say there is only one version/interpretation.

Sonia, agree with you on the whole,though: Pakistan is a conservative soiety-but I don't see why it follows that we should let it be that way?

But more importantly,why is this the burning issue. I've been here for 12 years (on and off) and have hardly heard anyone talk about education, learning, etc (some brilliant colleagues excepted).

Fair point: such displays seem a bit odd and out of place to many. But I'm just asking: given the huge injustices in our country, given the almost daily terrorist threats we face (and yeah, we were on high security alert that day) does it make much sense to fret over dress code etc (a recurring theme here).

Why are all values reduced to the moralistic ones of the maulvis: namely: what women wear and do? Why shouldn't we say the obsession with grades and making money entails a far more serious loss of values/identity?

Ali said...

Since, this is out in the open. I will let you in on how this whole mess started with a single fucking e-mail and now about 2000 blogs have picked on it.

Here it is

Dear All

I have been reduced to throw this out there because of what i have been witnessing in Lums for around a month now. What has to be kept in mind here is the fact that the following has nothing to do with "religion" or with anybody's personal beliefs so please,refrain from sending any emotional "liberal" emails in reply to this.

Public Display of Affection.

I don't know what is wrong with the new freshman,and some seniors too,they have a special and an uncontrolled need to seek physical consolation from the members of opposite sex many times in a day,in public,and in places where EVERYBODY can witness it.

Quoting few instances: (Readers' Discretion is advised)

1) Standing at the main entrance,a girl stands on tip of her toes and kisses a boy good bye.

2) Lying in the lawn in front of the library,a boy rolls over the girl lying down beside him and remains in this posture.

3) Sitting in the academic block, a boy constantly rubs a girl's leg,which are already half bare,with his hand inside her capries.

(These are just few instances,i have no reason to make these up.If nothing is done about it then i'll take pictures of such things and attach them with my emails for everyone to see.)

Our (people who aren't involved in this proud display of animal instincts in man) parents come to lums to pick us up and they have,i can gladly say,some sense of social (MIND YOU,i didn't say religious) sentiment intact so they get offended. Our crediblity, and the credibility of our institution in our society is challenged when aunties spread rumors of most of the girls in lums not being virgin spread all over the city. Even my parents were reluctant to send me to lums just because of the "enviroment" here.

I openly challenge the fake hypocritical "tolerance" and "liberalism" being promoted on campus.If irreligious,uncultured (by this i mean those who don't respect a culture's values),unsocial have the need to be tolerated and have "sentiments" which need to be respected,then so do religious,cultured and social people.

This "tolerance" for each other has to be mutual.If we give some,then these people need to do it too.Why don't they go back to using the DRs at night? Or behind the sports complex? or in the hockey fields?

I have never seen a religious person reading their holy book out in the open then why can't they hide their anti social and irreligious practices too?!

I demand that a set of rules be laid out so that the "sentiments" of not-so-unclutured people are not hurt and so that we can go home and NOT for once,hide from our fathers our of sheer shame of what they saw.

I am hoping that the OSA will look into this so i have not cc-ed this email to the VC.


brok3n said...

....the link you posted and some of the things that have been quoted in that article suggest the pakistani youth there is more confused than probbly even those of pakistani background living abroad. Unhein aise hi badnaam kiya huwa hai "ABCD" keh ke o.o..
As far as PDA is concerned, and although people have linked the disappreciation to Islam or Pakistani culture...what it tells me is that those of them making such associations are insecure themselves and probably know they're wrong some way or another because seriously..Islam or no Islam, PDA especially on a college campus is gross.... I mean I personally consider the librar as my second home and what the hell do I find in between the aisles? ...Major make out sessions. Its gross.
Holding hands is fine but anything beyond that, especialy when people are just going for it...o.0 ..its not right! If you're so much in pyaar and can't resist then get a frikin' room. ^.^