October 24, 2009

Dear taalib-e-ilm, your basic fundamental right is being trespassed. You are the lawyers, doctors, engineers , artists and architects of tomorrow . But will you be allowed to be all that. Will you be allowed to make your country prosper and bring it shoulder to shoulder with the developed nations of the world.
If you continue to sit in your oh-so-comfortable abodes and flip channels with the “blast headlines”, when and how will you make your existence meaningful. How is anything supposed to function in this country if you cannot step out and go to your schools , colleges and universities without fear. This fear will grow on us and that is exactly what is being planned.
Our country has been failing us. We have a choice here. Let it fail and watch Tv while it all happens , or you can step up and let everyone know that you are not only going to acknowledge it but will stand shoulder to shoulder and demand your fundamental right. The right to education. The right to fearless living.
Let us all join hands Taalib-e-ilm and come together to demand justice and accountability. Come together to save your future and your countries future. This is our home and our identity. How much longer till you realize that you are not wanted in the GORA-LAND and that you have all the resources and talent to make it all happen for you.
Qadam barhao talib e ilm. Aagay aao aur apna haq nidarr ho kay maango!
Let us all come together in this peaceful protest where we join hands to demand our basic right. The right to live and be educated with a peace of mind.

Yes, we will respond to your fervent entreaties. We will stop watching the headlines on TV. We will come together and peacefully demand a change. We will remove ourselves from our 'comfortable' existence and nidarr-ke demand our fundamental right to be educated. We will demand our rights, our freedom, and the 'democratic' government's accountability. We will ask for all of that and much-much more.

But, then what?

Respecfully yours,



Deepak Iyer said...

I respect the sentiment and all that, but I'm not a huge fan of protest marches. It is hard to see how it'll serve any purpose aside of self-satisfaction.

But yes, it is a million times better than starting an online petition.

Btw, came across this line recently, "Ancient Romans watched gladiators in much the same way that we read angry bloggers."

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

hmm... Let everyone speak their mind coz thts wat we have left...

heewa said...

argh. this man is so ridic. he just annoys me :S

and apparently, he's a very famous 'people's person'

mehreenkasana said...

Both letters = (n)

Eeda said...

then we get the next freshly baked batches of zardaris.. :)

Asfandyar said...

The absolute mongs that frequent that place *shudders*