October 26, 2009


Pronunciation: by-RON-ik

Meaning: One who is melancholic, passionate, and melodramatic, and disregards societal norms.

Etymology: After poet Lord Byron (1788-1824), who displayed such characteristics, as did his poetry, i.e. a flawed character marked by great passion who exhibits disrespect for social institutions and is self-destructive.

A little-known fact: He was the father of Ada Lovelace, today known as the first computer programmer, who wrote programs for Charles Babbage's analytical engine.

- Wordsmith.org


billoo said...

by- is better than i-, I guess.

sorry, sorry, I can hear the groans from here :-)

Xeb said...

Hahah! That was pretty bad! :P

heewa said...

hahahah you get the word-a-day emails too :D

Xeb said...

Yup! :P I be quite the philologist! :)

Gaia said...

cool :P

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Well ill like to consider myself in the Byronic category.. :P