October 2, 2009

BusinessPundit tells me this morning that:

Johns Hopkins scientist Constantin Fahlberg discovered saccharin while experimenting on toluene derivatives, normally found in coal tar. When Fahlberg found that a residue from his experiments tasted sweet, he devoted more time to researching it. He later patented the substance and named it saccharin. Saccharin was introduced as a food additive in the US in 1900. It gained more traction as a sugar substitute during WWI, when sugar was rationed. Now, it is most popularly known as Sweet N’ Low.

I haven't had 'real' sugar in my system in a long-long time. My sweet-tooth is satisfied mostly with sweeteners of the above and other assorted varieties. I figure the only way to (quite-literally) eat the cake I have is to cut the calories somehow. And this seemed like an easy way to do it.

But, err, Coal Tar?


Desert Mystery said...

If you think that's bad, check this out:


shotgunfacelift said...

So you're saying you've gone low carb for a long long time? That's bad, man. You need your carbs innit.

Xeb said...

DM: I know all about the big bad world of high-fructose-corn-syrup. But the coal thing is highly annoying.

sgfl: Welcome to my world. Low carbs, low fat, low everything. Except when I have cravings ofcourse. Then the urge to be hedonistic trumps all further concerns! :P