October 30, 2009

Apparently Ms. Clinton 'dared' the esteemed government of the land of the pure to find Bin Laden. I have several things to say about this. First of all, what-oh-what was she thinking daring Lord V and gang to do anything? That's like daring the cowardly-est kid of the lot to walk into a haunted house alone. In a word: not-going-to-happen-missy. Second, where-oh-where did 'Bin Laden' return to Amreekan discourse from? Everybody run, boogie-man is back!

In other news, I assume the quake last night was not restricted to F-11. It was a strangely unreal experience, running out to find masses of people standing around in their pyjamas looking up at their respective buildings speculating whether enough time had gone by for the building to fall if it was going to fall. The brat, who was staying with me was completely freaked out. Not unprecedented given that he barely survived the last big one. It took a lot of time, freshly grounded coffee (thank you A) and 'The Proposal' (err, thankyou Sandra Bullock?) to allow us to sleep again well into the night. But now it's already morning. And I had to wake up obnoxiously early to drop the brat to school (the joys of pseudo parenthood. And now I'm home, procrastinating instead of preparing for a 9:00am meeting. *sigh*


Ubaid said...

all lahore is seized and stuff, BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE JUST CAN'T STAY IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!! Huh!!!

it took me 3 hours to come back home from LSE barki to my own place =/

security checks, road blocks and other shit!!

and earth quake... damn that was scary :(

Ubaid said...

P.S feels good to read your blog again :)

Desert Mystery said...

Ms. Clinton is joking ofcourse. Do you really think Lord V would ever want this OBL Boogie man cash cow that he is milking to the max to come to an anti-climactic capture?

V still has some time to enjoy the flowing $$$ till a not-so-swift eventual exile.

the sheikh said...

Hold on...What earthquake?
A second one?

Xeb said...

UB: Poor you! :P And welcome back! :) Good to know you have some free time!

DM: True, no cash cow depletion for Lord V in the near future.

ts: Yup. Last night, around 11ish.

ibteda. said...

I know it is stupid, but we had a loooong day at office - and with the PEMRA ordinance, there had been various zealous speeches/rants against the government too all draining me of energy - the hubby had had to wait at teh heipad for hours for people to return from Waziristan. SO when the quake shook the bed, we just huddled closer and went right back to sleep. :) Ofcourse I recited some durood and a dua - but didnt have the energy to join others on street.

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

whose the little brat??